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Terms & Conditions

You See

What you see should be what you get, packaging may occasionally change or be different, but not the brand, and we will tell you if not, so you can change your mind.

You Buy

You pay for the goods on the site, using your card or account with the payment provider if applicable. If the transaction is cancelled or fails for any reason, the goods are still owned by us. We may also seek to recover costs incurred from the buyer of the goods.

We Send

We send the goods, either Royal Mail (not guaranteed time) or using Express Carrier Service (Next Business Day), which if it fails (Express Only) we refund the amount paid for the carriage. We don't accept any responsibility for any losses as a consequence of delays to shipments for any reason, ours or carrier. Time is not of the essence under these terms and conditions.

In the event of delays please contact us using the contact button below:

From 17:00 on the day of delivery for express delivery (Normal delivery is 09:00 - 17:00)

7 days after despatch for all other orders.

You Like

We are done...until next time!

You Don't

If we are at fault in any way, we replace or refund in full.

If you change your mind (and you can have 14 days after delivery to do this) provided the item is not opened or used, we will refund the ITEM cost, you pay for the postage both ways. You are responsible for the return, so use an appropriate service to ensure it arrives back with us.

If you open the item, they are yours and not accepted for return.

We also reserve the right to decline orders from any country, or persons, that we consider unsuitable for trade, usually because the delivery service is prone to theft and loss. Any orders will be refunded in full, and you will be advised by email. It may be necessary to upgrade the delivery service at your cost in such cases prior to acceptance of the order.