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Duracell Recharge ULTRA AA Rechargeable Battery 2500 mAh [4-pack]

4 x Standard AA Size Duracell Pre-Charged Stay Charged - Recharge ULTRA 2500mAh Guaranteed to Last 5 years by Duracell (*details on pack guarantee direct with Duracell not us) Replaces all 1.5v AAA for complete compatibility. Latest technology batteries that can be used straight from the pack and have extremely low self discharge, so stay charged for longer whilst not in use. Replaces up to a 1000 ordinary batteries which makes a great ecological and economical alternative to disposable batteries Ideal for everyday use in all devices from low drain to high drain appliances. Can be used in cameras, radios, CD players, torches, Wii remotes, mp3 players, mini discs, walkman etc

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Buy 1+ £12.99 each
Buy 2+ £12.73 each
Buy 5+ £12.47 each