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Coin / Cylinder Alkaline 1.5v

Commonly used in all manner of gadgets from calculators to medical instruments, train sets to toys, we stock all the sizes, across many brands, in various packs, so you can choose what you need.

Some of the sizes are quite difficult to get hold of, in some brands, but our purchasing might, means we can offer these to our customers, uniquely in many cases.

Size wise, AG and LR are the same cell with a different name, some dont have equivalents, most do.

Example AG13 is known also as LR44!

AG/LR cells are exacly the same size (and cheaper) as the Silver Oxide watch Battery, but performance will not be as solid, with voltage dropouts nearer the end of life. This wont matter in toys etc, but watches and other precision instruments will benefit from Silver Oxide Watch batteries. We show the 3xx equivalents, where applicable on the left of this page.